Science put to use



Raman Spectrometer:

Raman Spectrometer is a device that can analyze chemical substances without destructing the substance itself which provides detailed information about chemical structure, phase and polymorphy, crystallinity, and molecular interactions. It is based upon the interaction of light with the chemical bonds within a material. Viola Vitalis uses Raman Spectrometer for its research purpose.

Mid -IR spectrometer :

The mid-infrared spectral region is particularly significant for optical spectroscopy because it contains numerous absorption lines that are specific to different substances. That is especially true for the "fingerprint region," which includes wavelengths between 7 and 11 m. It is possible to identify and distinguish many different molecules using the absorption lines in that region, which are connected to quantized molecular vibrations. Environmental monitoring and the sciences related to health are typical applications. The mid-infrared ranges in wavelength from 3 m to 50 m, according to ISO 20473:2007. Many of the diverse spectrometers can function there.


In the disciplines of organic synthesis, polymer science, petrochemical engineering, the pharmaceutical sector, and food analysis, FTIR spectrometers are widely used. Furthermore, since FTIR spectrometers and chromatography may be combined, researchers can use such equipment to look at the workings of chemical reactions and the detection of unstable chemicals. A source, an interferometer, a sample compartment, a detector, an amplifier, an A/D converter, and a computer make up a typical FTIR spectrometer. Radiation from the source causes the sample to go through the interferometer and end up at the detector. The signal is then amplified and transformed into a digital signal by an analog-to-digital converter and an amplifier, respectively. The signal is eventually sent to a computer, where the Fourier transform is run.


Resolution and versatility are provided by LC-MS. It is a commonly used technique that is usually used with mass spectrometry to isolate chemicals from a sample before examination. With LC, the interaction of the compounds with the mobile and stationary phases provides the basis for the separation of the sample components, and the degree of compound separation is correlated with each molecule's affinity for the mobile phase. Following chromatographic separations, substances are delivered into the mass spectrometer for mass analysis after eluting from the column, being desolvated into the gas phase, and being ionized at an ionization source.


Human Milk Bank Turnkey System:

The most essential and irreplaceable nutrient for a human child is human milk which might not be available to many children. Therefore, human milk banks play a crucial role in ensuring safe, pure, and generic breast milk for infants, especially the immunologically vulnerable preterm babies at high risk of organ damage, malnutrition, underdeveloped organs, and even death. Hence, establishing operationally sound milk banks is essential. Viola Vitalis has gained expertise and developed resources in the field of nutraceuticals and human nutrition since its establishment, which has enabled us to step into the field of Human Milk Bank and develop a human milk bank turnkey system that offers an extensive system to establish a high-performing human milk bank, ensuring safety, quality and sustainability with advanced technology. We expect our efforts in the development will eventually lead to less child mortality and improved health for the children.

Base Clinics & Satellite Clinics:

In order to grow awareness about Arsenicosis in the remote areas of Bangladesh and treat Arsenicosis patients, Viola Vitalis has set up remote base clinics and satellite clinics. Initially, 10 (ten) satellite clinics in 12 Upazilas in the Satkhira and Chandpur districts have been set up for treating 4000 Arsenicosis patients.


Awareness and Medical Management of Arsenicosis Patients:

Arsenicosis is a chronic health condition arising from prolonged ingestion of arsenic above the safe level of arsenic intake for at least six months. According to WHO, more than 100 million people in Bangladesh are exposed to unsafe levels of arsenic through drinking water which is the highest in the world; with millions already suffering from arsenic poisoning. Viola Vitalis in collaboration with Allium Vitalis, Berkeley, USA has invented a nutrient-based formulation for Arsenicosis management as well as nutraceuticals for the treatment of Arsenicosis named Arsenicure, a lotion for external symptomatic treatment, and Ars-Detox, a capsule formulation to neutralize the accumulated arsenic inside the body. The products have been recognized as safe (GRAS) by the FDA and the Government of Bangladesh. We have collaborated with the Government of Bangladesh to raise awareness about Arsenicosis throughout the country and are initially providing treatment to 4000 Arsenicosis patients through 10 (ten) satellite clinics in 12 Upazilas in the Satkhira and Chandpur districts of the Khulna and Cumilla divisions respectively.