Advisory Board

Mrs. Aljona Sandgren

Project Consultant,
Business Development with Eastern-European countries
Mrs. Aljona Sandgren studied and worked at universities in Moldova, the UK, and Sweden, received her first Master’s degree from Moldova State University (Linguistics), and the Master of Social science in Educational Leadership and Management from Stockholm University, Sweden, and also completed many postgraduate courses in entrepreneurship, business history, leadership, and social responsibility. Her Ph.D. research on Entrepreneurialism in University in Different Cultural Contexts at the School of Business, Åbo Akademi University, Finland, is interdisciplinary. Mrs. Sandgren has a long experience in initiating/searching for grants and coordinating international projects, financed by the EU, Swedish Institute, SIDA, and Nordic grants. She has an extensive international contact network within academia and the business world through her work. Her research and professional interests include social, green, and academic entrepreneurship and university innovation, issues of sustainability, and sustainable development.

She initiated and conducted a research project on university entrepreneurialism within the EU Framework program, EUEREK (European Universities for Entrepreneurship-Their Role in the Europe of Knowledge). The project: included 27 case studies in 8 countries, such as the UK, Sweden, Finland, Spain, France (UNESCO), Poland, Russia, and Moldova with a budget of 1mln Euro.

Her most recent project was about green enterprising (see article “Green enterprising and green entrepreneurs”, 2013, in Encyclopedia of Creativity, Invention, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, Springer publishing house)

Besides research activity and coordinating projects, Mrs Sandgren is also a founding director of Inter-Universitas, (Management and Education Consulting), Advisory Board member of the Swedish Sustainability Foundation and Chair of the Swedish-Moldovan International Association.