We have initiated and conducted research to find solutions to several pressing health issues. It works both at the translational level from the laboratory to the customized product and at the level of penetration of the product to the market niche. In both cases, the company has been focusing on the markets of both developing and developed countries.

Allium Vitalis

Allium Vitalis (California, USA) is a research-driven developer of healthcare products. Their products are developed, tested and patented in the US, Europe and Bangladesh. Our antioxidant products have been co-invented by Allium Vitalis and Viola Vitalis.

Neosupport AB

Neosupport AB (Linköping, Sweden) is specialized in providing custom software and app solutions with expert knowledge in the field of neonatal nutrition and healthcare.

Sterifeed (Medicare Colgate Ltd,)

An R&D based company, Sterifeed (Devon, UK) has been the global market leader for human milk pasteurisers and supplied pasteurisation equipments to more than 37 different countries arround the world since 1979.